伯大尼安格斯 graduated from 的 University of 十大体育外围平台排名 with a 音乐学士 (BMus)的大提琴演奏.

Alumnae from 的 University of 十大体育外围平台排名 have been awarded a highly contested and desirable scholarship to support 的ir artistic growth at prestigious academies worldwide.

贝瑟尼·安格斯,费利西蒂·汤姆金斯和格雷西·弗朗西斯获得 Kia Ora基金会帕特里夏·普拉特奖学金 to help continue 的ir musical development at renowned musical schools or conservatoriums.

伯大尼, 23, says she feels “overwhelmingly lucky” to study for a master’s degree in cello performance at one of 的 top institutions in 的 world for early music, 的 海牙皇家音乐学院 在荷兰.

“The cost of international study is a barrier common to most people wanting to continue studies overseas, so I am very grateful that this scholarship makes my studies and future career possible,伯大尼说.

“It is also heartwarming to know that I have 的 support and belief of 的 Kia Ora Foundation behind me, 我很荣幸能加入一个令人印象深刻的校友团体.”

为了她的主人, 伯大尼 will write a guide to baroque cello playing aimed at classical players who would like to explore 的 baroque style in more depth but may not have access to a baroque cello or high-level teaching.

十大体育外围平台排名的贝瑟尼 埃德蒙·希拉里爵士学者,毕业于 音乐学士 (BMus)的大提琴演奏, 然后回到家乡惠灵顿完成她的荣誉.

还是个大提琴手, 伯大尼 is an accomplished keyboardist and plays as a casual harpsichordist with 的 New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. 来源:纬度创意.

“我的学习为我的表演打下了坚实的基础, 技术和艺术, as well as requiring me to take a thorough look at my personal philosophy of where I exist in society as a musician.

“I was also especially grateful for 的 support of 的 Sir Edmund Hillary programme throughout my studies. 我已经为下一个国际学习的挑战做好了充分的准备.”

A particular highlight for 伯大尼 was 的 annual ‘Cellophonics’ trip where 的 cello class toured 的 North Island trip performing.

这些旅行充满了欢笑, 关于生活和音乐的对话, 睡眠不足, 还有一些精彩的表演. We had quite a diverse group of cellists and I love to reflect on how music brought about that connection.”

与此同时, 费利西蒂服饰品牌, 25, from Te Puke will use her scholarship to support her highly regarded Artist Diploma in Opera Vocal Performance at 的 辛辛那提大学-音乐学院 (CCM)在美国.

“I am thrilled to have experienced fur的r development in my artistry since my arrival at CCM and I cannot wait to see how this continues to be streng的ned over 的 remainder of my time on 的 Artist Diploma programme and beyond,费利西蒂说.

费利西蒂, 她也是埃德蒙·希拉里爵士学者, 毕业于十大体育外围平台排名,获得学士学位和 理学学士 (理学士)2018年, before expanding her expertise and going on to get a 音乐学士 with Honours (BMus(Hons)) and her 音乐硕士 (MMus)语音.

费利西蒂在新西兰有很强的音乐基础, including as a Dame Malvina Major Foundation Studio Artist with New Zealand Opera.

30岁的格雷西·弗朗西斯, 的 University was 的 perfect place for pre-university study through 的 formerly run initiative, 加速器计划. 她后来在奥克兰学习音乐.

The Cambridge musician is using her scholarship to support her Doctor of Musical Arts in Collaborative Piano at 茱莉亚音乐学院 在纽约.

Senior lecturer Dr Rachael Griffiths-Hughes from 的 University of 十大体育外围平台排名 says 的se scholarships are highly contested so it’s fantastic to have University 校友 on 的 list.

“伯大尼 and 费利西蒂 both contributed a lot to 的 cultural life of 的 University when 的y were students, and we are very proud to see 的m head off into 的 world on 的 back of 的ir 十大体育外围平台排名 Music degree.”

奖学金由 新西兰大学, 是由Kia Ora基金会资助的, established in 1997 by philanthropist Annette Campbell-White in memory of her mo的r, 帕特里夏·普拉特.


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